What The Knights Do

Supporting the Parish The Knights support their parishes by volunteering for church maintenance, transportation for the clergy, supporting church activities with funding and manpower, and numerous other ways.

Supporting Seminarians Any person who answers the call for the seminary, convent, or deaconship has a friend and supporter with the Knights. Through organizations like the Labore Society, Councils provide financial support.

Helping Parishioners In Need The Knights help the elderly and disabled in their parishes with yard work, snow shoveling, moving, and transportation.

Special Olympics Support for the Special Olympics is an official program sanctioned by the Supreme Council. Councils all over the world activly participate in this worthy event.

Habitat for Humanity Local Councils work hand-in-hand with their local Habitat for Humanity organizations to supply manpower, materials, and design expertise.

Youth Athletic Programs Supreme Council sanctioned programs like the Soccar Challenge and the Free-Throw Challenge promote healthy competition and sportsmanship in young people.

Patriotic Celebrations Councils and Fourth Degree Assembly Color Corps provide enthusiastic and colorful participation in Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Flag Day, and other patriotic occasions.

Support for Veterans The Fourth Degree Assemblies support the VFW, American Legion, and other veterans groups with direct contributions, medical supplies. and manpower.

...And So Much More! The Knights give a lot and do a lot for their church and their community!